Lluís is the ambassador of Blues & Boogie Woogie piano player in Spain, and is also well-known throughout Europe and Asia as one of the masters of these styles. His music is unique, with a special personal touch that makes him an exceptional pianist and composer, combining traditional Blues & Jazz music with his special Spanish and Catalan flavour.

Born in Barcelona in 1973, Lluís started classical piano studies at an early age. After hearing the sounds of Jerry Lee Lewis, Roosevelt Sykes and Alan Price he migrated from classical lessons to self-taught Rock & Roll, eventually showing a remarkable ability for Blues and Boogie Woogie. Lluís Coloma is now one of the most recognized and in demand pianists in the world Blues and Boogie Woogie scene.

Lluís has received accolades and awards such as “Best Catalan Musician 2003” and “Artista BluesCat 2006”. He often appears at Blues & Boogie Woogie festivals in Europe and Asia, where he stands out for his virtuosity and originality, and his performances are often received with standing ovations. He continues playing all over Spain at renowned festivals and clubs such as Café Central in Madrid, San Javier Jazz Festival, Vijazz Penedès, Festival de Jazz de Barcelona. Festival de Jazz de Madrid. Jamboree in Barcelona, Cerdanyola Blues Festival, among others, as well as in countries including France, England, Malaysia, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Serbia, and Hungary.

From the beginning this great pianist, acclaimed for his innovative vision and amazing energy, has been developing a personal touch in the interpretation of Blues & Boogie Woogie, both in performance and in his own compositions. Lluís has recorded more than 10 CDs playing solo piano, or with his trio or septet, and has also recorded duets with other piano greats of the genre such as Carl Sonny Leyland, Barrelhouse Chuck, Bob Seeley, Mitch Woods, Mark “Mr B” Braun, and Frank Muschalle. He has even recorded a CD with Sax Gordon, one of the best rhythm and blues saxophonists in the world.

Lluís is fully devoted to the promotion of Blues and Boogie Woogie in Spain where he gives master classes and organizes annual events, including the International Campi Qui Boogie! www.boogiewoogie.es and Blues & Boogie Reunion in Terrassa www.BluesBoogieSpain.com as well as Nits de Boogie Woogie in Sabadell and Llinars del Vallès. He was the Artistic Director of the Barcelona Blues Festival from 2003 to 2011 and in 2006 he began collaborating in the organization of Boogie Woogie Jubilee, where he has played with Rob Rio, Ben Waters, Steve Big Man Clayton, Jean-Paul Amouroux Jean-Pierre Bertrand, Christian Willisohn, Christoph Steinbach among others.

During his professional career Lluís also has played with great musicians such as Axel Zwingenberger, Erwin Helfer, Mike Sanchez, Jean-Jacques Milteau, Sax Gordon, Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne, James Harman, Corey Harris, Phil Upchurch, Manu Dibango, Sharon Jones, Loti Lewis, Joja Wendt to name a few.